Getting Sump Pump Repairs for Your Home

The Purpose of Your Sump Pump

submersible-sump-pumpIf your sump pump is broken and neglected you open your home to a serious risk. Understanding the purpose of your sump pump will quickly open your eyes to its important function and the need to have it repaired as quickly and professionally as possible. In a sentence, the purpose of your sump pump is to remove the problem of flooding or leaking issues that may be present in your basement or crawlspaces.

How It Works

sump-pump-installation-in-the-basementThis handy device is basically a  pump that is submerged bottom of what is known called a sump pit- hence the name sump pump. This pit and pump are installed at the point most likely to flood in your crawl space or basement. This usually lowest point. Then the water that surrounds your house’s foundation is directed into a perimeter drain system. If your house lacks this system and you are at risk of flooding, call the experts from Plumbers 911 (I’ve tried and tested their service – reliable indeed, reasonable rates!) This system is often installed at the base of your foundation. Any water that makes it into the drainpipes and quickly removed by your sump pump.

The pump will activate when water reaches a certain level inside the pump itself. Once activated, the pump will divert the water into the nearest storm drain, dry well, or other location set up for the purpose.

residential-sump-pump-installationThere are many types of sump pumps available. There are those that are hard-wired right into your house’s electrical system, and there are those that are powered by plugging right into an outlet. Many pumps also come with a battery backup to continue working through power outages and storms- when it is needed the most.

If you encounter ANY type of problem – don’t attempt to do things yourself.  Call a licensed tech immediately.

Find out how a sump pump works! Check out this video I found on YouTube.

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