Why I Don’t Think Twice Hiring a Blue Springs Plumber

Last week, a terrible but ironically funny incident happened at our home in Missouri. We were sleeping soundly when a loud scream woke us up with a jolt. You can tell by the look on my wife’s face that she supposed something really terrible was going on. My poor wife was almost in panic. As for me, except for the first few minutes, I was calm the whole time.

How did I manage to keep calm? Because I knew it’s nothing to be worried about. It was my daughter, and I know her too well to believe that it was an actual emergency. She once screamed when she saw a teeny tiny spider crawling on her laptop screen, and once when she saw her mom’s houseplant was dead.

blue-springs-plumbing-servicesI was, however briefly worried about the bathroom sink. It was the gurgling sound coming from it that made our scaredy-cat daughter scream her lungs out. I didn’t think twice calling a Blue Springs plumber, even at that time of the day.

I have heard my fair share of awful stories from friends and neighbors who had been ripped off by plumbing companies. What strikes me most about their experiences is the fact that the number of companies pretending to be bigger and better than they actually are and unlicensed technicians pretending to be experts are increasing day by day. But, despite all these, I still don’t hesitate hiring a pro whenever I would need one. It made me all the more desperate to find a dependable and experienced Blue Springs plumber who can do the job thoroughly and skillfully. Not long after, my search ended when I came across Plumbers 911.

If ever you need a technician to do plumbing jobs such as toilet repair in Blue Springs, you can contact Plumbers 911. Here is their contact number: (816) 656-2524. Also, you may want to check out this video from their YouTube channel:

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Septic System Problems That You Should Avoid

Septic System Problems

Septic System Problems

Hi everyone! How’s life treating you?

Since I want us to remain friends, let me warn you early on that today’s blog post isn’t for those who have weak stomachs. If you find septic systems as a really disgusting topic, please move on to another post. I surely do not want to make you throw up or make you lose your appetite. Hehehe

Awright! So let’s get this thing going, shall we? I have been asked by a follower / subscriber of mine if there are septic system problems that he should be worried about. So John, if you’re reading my blog now, I would say, YES. There are several issues that you have to watch out for not only because we’re talking about dirty waste materials here. We should also be concerned about our health, right? Anyway, here’s my list! Check it out.

  1. Tree root may intrude the tank through cracks, small crevices or through the septic septic-tanktank lid.
  2. Sludge may build up in the tank and cause it to overflow.
  3. The septic tank filter may get clogged up.
  4. The drain lines may break and the septic tank baffles may get damaged.
  5. The tank may not have enough bacteria or enzyme to treat the effluent.
  6. The drainfield may get clogged because of tree roots.
  7. Grease may clog the septic system.
  8. Sludge and other solid wastes may leave the tank without being treated.
  9. The soil may get compacted.
  10. Sulfite or bio-mat may build up in the drainfield.


These are just some of the most common problems that you have to watch out for. Now you must understand that although septic tank cleaning in Kansas City will keep the system working efficiently, you should also care for it as much as you can. For instance, you should avoid flushing objects down the toilet that should not be flushed down in the first place.  You should also avoid the use of chemical drain cleaners because they may disrupt the natural process of waste treatment inside the tank. If possible, also avoid using your garbage disposal machine frequently. Lessen the use of water, too.  Now when all these tips fail, there’s nothing else to do but call an emergency plumber in Kansas City. Don’t wait until the next day. I heard that emergency plumbers actually provide plumbing services 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.

Want to learn more about septic systems? Watch this video!

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Getting Sump Pump Repairs for Your Home

The Purpose of Your Sump Pump

submersible-sump-pumpIf your sump pump is broken and neglected you open your home to a serious risk. Understanding the purpose of your sump pump will quickly open your eyes to its important function and the need to have it repaired as quickly and professionally as possible. In a sentence, the purpose of your sump pump is to remove the problem of flooding or leaking issues that may be present in your basement or crawlspaces.

How It Works

sump-pump-installation-in-the-basementThis handy device is basically a  pump that is submerged bottom of what is known called a sump pit- hence the name sump pump. This pit and pump are installed at the point most likely to flood in your crawl space or basement. This usually lowest point. Then the water that surrounds your house’s foundation is directed into a perimeter drain system. If your house lacks this system and you are at risk of flooding, call the experts from Plumbers 911 (I’ve tried and tested their service – reliable indeed, reasonable rates!) This system is often installed at the base of your foundation. Any water that makes it into the drainpipes and quickly removed by your sump pump.

The pump will activate when water reaches a certain level inside the pump itself. Once activated, the pump will divert the water into the nearest storm drain, dry well, or other location set up for the purpose.

residential-sump-pump-installationThere are many types of sump pumps available. There are those that are hard-wired right into your house’s electrical system, and there are those that are powered by plugging right into an outlet. Many pumps also come with a battery backup to continue working through power outages and storms- when it is needed the most.

If you encounter ANY type of problem – don’t attempt to do things yourself.  Call a licensed tech immediately.

Find out how a sump pump works! Check out this video I found on YouTube.

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